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As we launch TransplantInformers into the blogosphere, figuratively smashing the champagne bottle on the ship’s bow, it is worth talking about the tone of this blog at the outset.

Surely many of us want to gather on TransplantInformers for the purpose of exchanging ideas, offering critical viewpoints, reading thoughtful commentary, and having stimulating discussion on donor outreach and education. And this is often serious work. But this doesn’t mean that the blog always has to be serious. In fact, TransplantInformers aims to take full advantage of the blog as an elastic medium. It has the flexibility to be rigorously scholastic, journalistic yet opinionated, textual /audio-visual, and joyously playful all at the same time.

Outreach and education work is all about making connections with others and thereby being able to inform, share knowledge, and encourage action.

In this spirit, you can expect TransplantInformers to have a wide breadth of coverage, ranging to the fun and silly to the downright serious, all in the name of keeping our communities engaged, and creating a space for experts and newbies alike to participate.  We seek to maintain a respectful environment and provide useful and well conceived content. But whoever said that had to be dry?

Opening the conversation to a wide variety of voices is the key to forging an imaginative space. Mixing it up keeps you on your toes and makes the work we do fresh and fun to follow. We hope through this humble project, donor outreach and education workers, medical practitioners, researchers, patients, donors, and the public at large can productively encounter one another in virtual and physical spaces, and all the spaces that might exist in between.  Interacting with transplant/transfusion knowledge in this way, we can transcend international boundaries between us, stretch the capabilities of social media, and even change the possibilities for the human body and its vitality.

Do you have any ideas you would like to share with TransplantInformers? Pitch us a post topic, send us a news tip, and give us some feedback at TransplantInformers@gmail.com.

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