DramaFever doccie double shot of transplantation out of Taiwan

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It’s always tough on Mondays to get back into the swing of things. So instead of making you, dear readers, slog through a lengthy commentary, how about a video? Our friends at DramaFever are known for purveying an amazing collection of Korean dramas to watch for free online. But did you know they also have … Continue reading

News Roundup #5: Heart-dropping, turkish triple transplant, transplant tourism ban, further fecal matters

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Handle with care Apparently, a heart doesn’t break if you drop it.  In Mexico, the heart that was fumbled en route was actually successfully transplanted.  It seems they took a page out of the One Tree Hill book. But thank god there wasn’t a hungry canine. Turkey: A transplantation juggernaut? WaPo reports on the world’s … Continue reading

TransplantInformers Book Club: More thoughts on Donor by Ken McClure

So many books on transplantation to read, so little time...  Image by Juhan Sonin on Flickr

I just finished blazing through Donor by Ken McClure. We introduced this book to you earlier this month, and now having completed it, I thought it would useful to provide a guide to some themes in the book that are most pertinent to donor outreach/education stakeholders. If you’ve already read the book, this may give … Continue reading

Social media and direct/directed donor appeals, part 2

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Last Friday’s post introduced a brief video and article on Mashable about the growing use of social media to facilitate the search for a directed organ donation. As promised, here are some issues that the article prompted me to think about that I think deserve further discussion. Social media in context The article primarily covers … Continue reading

News Roundup #4: Disability and transplant outcomes, the military and bone marrow drives, tracheal transplant triumph

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Arthur Caplan, director of the Center for Bioethics at UPenn weighs in on the controversial case of a girl with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome  and transplant outcomes in relation to disability in an MSNBC article. While the issue is indeed a very emotional one, Caplan’s response is more measured.  He goes beyond the specific case and places … Continue reading

Donor retention for beginners

Hi Internet, My name is Mellisa. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you’re matched with a patient, I’m your woman.  That is to say, I’m the person who contacts you when you’re matched with a patient. It sounds straightforward, I know, but you’d be surprised. Imagine a bone marrow donor who registered in 1993.  … Continue reading

Social media and direct/directed donor appeals, part 1

Mashable, one of the most popular sites on social media recently featured a video and a short article about how social media is being used to find organ donors. For those of you unfamiliar with the terminology, it appears that the story is reporting on how social media is facilitating a directed donation. It doesn’t … Continue reading

News Roundup #3: Reproductive tourism, beating heart transplants, lower leukemia survival rates for minorities

Surrogacy and reproductive tourism Check out this fascinating and extraordinarily well-researched article on Slate about reproductive tourism by Douglas Pet from the Center for Genetics and Society.  This piece was a year in the making, and the investigative work done is impressive. Highly recommended for anyone who is also interested in commodification of the body, … Continue reading

Hide and Seek: The Attempt to Find Asian Egg Donors

Photo by Esther Gibbons, Flickr

In November 2006 the Washington Post published an article on the relative lack of Asian egg donors to the demand of recipients.  The article follows Regina and Dennis Joyner, a couple who eventually gave up looking for an Asian egg donor after an 18 month grueling search.  Another couple found success using donated eggs and a … Continue reading

Fil-Ams won’t donate marrow because _________.

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On a windy Sunday afternoon AADP was hosting a bone marrow/stem cell registration drive at the parking lot in front of Target in Serramonte Mall, Daly City in 2009. Serramonte Mall has been dubbed “SerraManila” by locals because of the abundance of Filipino-American patrons. During the three hour registration drive in the parking lot, I … Continue reading


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