News Roundup #5: Heart-dropping, turkish triple transplant, transplant tourism ban, further fecal matters

Handle with care

Apparently, a heart doesn’t break if you drop it.  In Mexico, the heart that was fumbled en route was actually successfully transplanted.  It seems they took a page out of the One Tree Hill book. But thank god there wasn’t a hungry canine.

Turkey: A transplantation juggernaut?

WaPo reports on the world’s first triple limb transplant, performed successfully in Turkey. And a face transplant was also done, in case the trifecta wasn’t enough. It seems the Turkish transplantation firsts just keep coming.


A recent piece in the Toronto Star brings attention to a former member of parliament’s attempts to pass legislation the bans on transplant tourism in Canada.  Borys Wrzesnewskyj,

the popular former Etobicoke MP…lost his seat in the last federal election by a handful of votes. [he said] “It’s unnerving what’s going on — the bodies of the most vulnerable are being cannibalized.”

As the article explains:

Wrzesnewskyj has tried unsuccessfully to get Canada to crack down on transplant tourism.

He drafted a private member’s bill that would have made it illegal for Canadians to purchase organs abroad and barred medical practitioners engaged in the practice from entering Canada.

The bill would have created a certification program obliging patients to prove their organ was willingly donated and not purchased or stolen — a simple thing for any Canadian transplant but much harder for an organ obtained from shadier operations overseas.

Since this bill has not been passed, I wonder if there is anyone taking up Wrzesnewskyj’s torch. What other work to laws have been adopted in response to the Declaration of Istanbul?

Expounding on excremental virtue

Fecal transplant DIY. The Atlantic offers further coverage on the rise of this procedure. We had earlier links on the growing adaptation of bacterial transplantation as a viable clinical treatment in a previous roundup.

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