DramaFever doccie double shot of transplantation out of Taiwan

It’s always tough on Mondays to get back into the swing of things. So instead of making you, dear readers, slog through a lengthy commentary, how about a video?

Our friends at DramaFever are known for purveying an amazing collection of Korean dramas to watch for free online. But did you know they also have some wonderful documentaries and feature films?

One such documentary available on their site may be of particular interest to TransplantInformers folks: Embrace Life-The story of Taiwan Medicine. In just under 30 minutes, his documentary covers not only one, but TWO FEATURES ON TRANSPLANTATION. One is about liver transplants and the other is bone marrow transplantation. The bone marrow transplant case is especially interesting as it is an international transplant with a cross-racial match. That’s certainly not something you’d expect.

Just like the City Hunter Sweepstakes, we’ll have another in our series of Korean drama transplantation features in the future. But in the meantime, take a look at some of the fun to be had if you catch the Fever. It’s taste of what’s available, and a good spot to find the dramas that may feature transplants which you wouldn’t be able to watch elsewhere online. And hey, all work and no play makes TransplantInformers a dull blog.

Sorry overseas friends, DramaFever is only accessible in North America.

To close, let’s get  back on track: here’s a bonus article on a Taiwanese blood transfusion researcher’s fascinating genealogy investigations.

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  1. Tika says:

    What an iiapnrstional story! As a nurse I see the need in the community every day so one day when my building had a Be The Match drive I was excited to sign up! It seems such a simple thing to do to change someones life forever Lesley

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