News Roundup #6: Donating tooth and tissue to art, Pacific Islander mobilization, Aussie multiculti organs issues…

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Behold the beauty of the tooth as art...and as a source of stem cells Source: Wikimedia Commons, Håkan Svensson

Sink your teeth into this

Donation isn’t just for transplantation, there’s a discussion in the UK about living donation of human tissue for art. It’s in conjunction with a fascinating exhibit called Palaces which features baby teeth (or in the British parlance “milk teeth”) that have been donated. Created by artist Gina Czarnecki, the exhibition is meant to highlight the possibilities for stem cell research and teeth as a potential source for stem cells. Quite timely considering this recent press release about dental stem cell banking in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Cord blood over eggs?

Yes, there’s an upcoming event in New York where expecting mothers are invited to a breakfast that informs them about the possibilities for cord blood banking.

As the site explains:

Like bone marrow, cord blood is rich in the blood-forming cells that can be used in transplants for patients with leukemia, lymphoma and many other life-threatening diseases. If not donated to a public cord blood bank or stored at a private bank, umbilical cord blood is discarded.
The Icla da Silva Foundation would like to invite you to attend our free educational breakfast where you’ll have a chance to learn about the available options for cord blood storage or donation from leading experts in the field and have your questions answered.
Guamanian Drive for Asian Pacific Islander patients in U.S.
There’s an upcoming drive in Guam to support patients in the U.S. looking for bone marrow donors, including Janet Liang, a patient that AADP has focused on too. You can find local coverage here and here.
The drive, which is being organized by groups such as the Guam Medical Association and the Guam Nurses Association, will be held from Feb. 10 to 12 at Guam Premier Outlets, according to an email from Dr. Thomas Shieh, president of the Guam Medical Association.The drive is to assist two people who have leukemia — Joey Tyquiengco, 40, who is from Guam and now lives in San Francisco, and Janet Liang, 22, who is an Asian-American college graduate who lives in southern California, Shieh said.Although Liang is not from Guam, as an Asian American, Shieh said her life depends on Asian-American donors, and people from Guam, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands are some of her closest matches.
Australia’s multicultural challenges in organ donation
According to this recent article about Australia, many patients have Asian heritage while the number of Asian donors is very low. Grassroots efforts seem to be the way to meeting the challenges of multicultural donor outreach. The article also spotlight’s the Australian popularity of cricket and its widespread appeal as an avenue to reaching the public., especially in increasing awareness in the Indian community.
American Society of Hematologists come out against NCAA sickle cell screening
Read the official statement here and coverage from NPR here. While this doesn’t directly speak do donor recruitment, it is relevant in thinking about medical screenings and their importance as well as informed consent for testing and screenings. In addition, hematological testing and how people understand its function is crucial to the discussion of both blood and bone marrow donors particularly. Moreover, the skew of mostly African American’s being affected by sickle cell and certain populations being singled out for risk based on medical testing is an issue that anyone concerned about representation and testing/typing should think about.
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  1. Mohamad says:

    I have been told that my O- petlealts are great for babies and donate often for the cause. Does anyone know what makes my petlealts more baby-friendly than someone else’s?

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  2. […] up, the bone marrow donor drive we mentioned in Guam was incredibly successful. And from coast to coast, more patient campaigns are waged. Share […]

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