No wait, THIS is the sexiest calendar for 2012. Seriously, it’s relevant to donor recruitment.

We thought we had a lock on the sexiest calendar for 2012. But it turns out our contributors, the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT), in the UK has teamed up with Stone Image  to create the Men of Stone calendar featuring some of the most muscle-bound paragons of masculinity ever to support donor outreach and education. They win.

Clearly too sexy for their shirts. Image courtesy of Stone Image

Putting fun into fundraising, 40% of the calendars proceeds go to supporting the work of the African Carribean Leukaemia Trust. So if you’d like a fella to help you get through hump day or the post Valentine’s denouement perhaps one of these iron-pumping idols will do the trick!

To get your hands on a copy, order here.

And while the folks here at TransplantInformers are all about providing you with critical commentary, we also want to acknowledge the joy and creativity that comes from mobilizing communities and spreading awareness about blood and transplant donation. This calendar is a splendid example of that. Loving the multiethnic representation too! Moreover, it does give one pause for thought about a couple of other things. The first is that it draws a different picture of what donating your body for transplantation means. It also shows a certain type of idealized body that relates to health and fitness, while at the same time leveraging that image to promote a cause that is about bringing more visibility to a major health issue and highlighting the importance of becoming a donor.

You’d be surprised that a few visitors to our site have been brought here by a search for “sexiest calendar 2012” so if we can capitalize on people’s need for a daily dose of hotness to stumble upon thinking about transplantation, even for a moment, why not?

Bonus link: A brief animated history of the calendar among other calendar-y musings.

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