Laugh for Lives archives: 2008-2009

Here's to 5 more fabulous years!

Tomorrow is the 5th Anniversary of AADP’s stand-up comedy extravaganza Laugh for Lives on March 2. In honor of this momentous event, we’re taking a look back at its many incarnations over the past five years. Not only is it a fantastic fundraiser, it is the perfect opportunity to educate the public and register a high volume of potential bone marrow donors.  In showcasing and archiving past education and outreach efforts we want to taking note of what has been effective is one of the key purposes of TransplantInformers. This series of retrospective posts focused on this particular event not only strengthens institutional memory but also gives other donor recruitment folks more fresh ideas they can remix.

We already had 2011 handily on file, and we had to do some more work to dig up 2010.  The creating of web content in donor recruitment is moving at a rapid speed. How can we monitor this prolific output? Once again, we’re using the Wayback Machine. This wonderful historical tool, has allowed us to find even more Laugh for Lives content. As you go further back, the imagery might not be as rich, but there’s still plenty of interesting event information.

Here’s the 2009 announcement.

And the 2009 comedian bios, featuring headliner Rex Navarette,  Kevin Shea, Dan Gabriel, and Ali Wong.

And blast all the way back from the very first Laugh for Lives in 2008, we have the announcement. And hearkening back to the days when the AADP blog was a shiny a new thing, we have a 2008 blog post on LFL. We even have a bonus post-event blog entry!

And it wasn’t always at the Palace of Fine Arts. Check out the inaugural venue details.

To see what this event has become since its humble beginnings, get your giggles on and check out Laugh for Lives 2012. You still can grab tickets for Laugh for Lives 2012!

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