News Roundup #11: marrow comp decision, drive recordbreakers, annals of day zero, tracing transfusion history

Bone marrow donor compensation ruling upheld

The Obama administration’s appeal of the Flynn v. Holder ruling was denied. LA Times reportage here states:

The 9th Circuit ruling now stands as the law of the land, as no other courts in the federal judiciary have weighed in on the question of whether the newer donation method is exempt from the compensation ban.

Marrow-thon hits a new Guinness record

A drive for Georgia, USA preteen Kajal Patel  registered 2700 donors in a day.

New York Times features the haltingly day-to-day experiences of patient awaiting bone marrow transplant

Suleika Jaouad shares her story of the challenges as a cancer patient. In her journal she chronicles how minutiae becomes agony, the fear attendant in the lead-up to transplantation’s day zero(start date), and the swirling uncertainty that makes time feel more precious than ever.

Observatory gallery hosts an illustrated lecture on blood transfusion history…with equipment recreations!

That headline may seem off the wall, but as a matter of fact, “A Most Unexpected History of Blood Transfusion” looks to be a fascinating lecture for anyone interested in the much earlier roots of blood transfusion. The work discussed far predates  our coverage of blood donation in the mid-20th century. It hearkens as far back as 1660! The lecturer, Paul Craddock, also has some research in the pipeline that speaks to the transplantation history buffs out there too. He is examining pre-1902 “Poetics of Bodily Transplantation.” Good stuff. Go forth and check it out Brooklynites!

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