TransplantInformers jazz tip: Dayna Stephens live!

We wanted to alert TransplantInformers readers to an upcoming show and recent coverage of eminent Jazz saxaphonist Dayna Stephens. While we are an international blog, many of our team and readers are San Francisco Bay Area based so it’s not a far reach to share a great gig worth checking out. And his profile is of considerable interest to folks everywhere.

Dayna Stephens (Image Courtesy of

This recent article in the San Jose Mercury News highlights Stephens’ considerable talents as a performer. But it also adds another dimension to the story, broaching his resilience in the face of a rare life-threatening kidney disease and the limbo of the transplant waiting list.

I met Dayna through my work at Stanford Jazz Workshop, and have seen him perform. Speaking from firsthand experience, you don’t want to miss this show! Aside from his incredibly deft musicianship, he is the sort of person who radiates kindness and humility. Ironically, not one to toot his own horn about the challenges of dialysis, the search for a donor, and the financing of post transplant treatment, he’s kept focus on making music. But Dayna’s loved ones and his friends in the jazz world have stepped forward to make those challenges heard.

In future, we hope to share more about their campaign and the creative context in which it emerged. Follow us to get the latest.

Churning out recordings and touring, we are lucky to have the Bay Area native returning to his old stomping grounds for some performances.Check it out:

Dayna Stephens Quartet
Red Poppy Art House, 2698 Folsom St., San Francisco
April 12, Doors: 6:30pm Show: 7pm
Tickets: $12 to $15 (at door)

For more information on the show and tickets, visit here.

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