Meet Ryan Manansala

Ryan and his friends at first drive

We are pleased to introduce TransplantInformers readers to an outstanding focus patient: Ryan Manasala.  The purpose of patient bios is to provide our patients with a voice, an outlet to share their story. This is very important with bone marrow/stem cell donor recruitment – the general public responds to our mission if they can put … Continue reading

Webcast Live Today!!! Unsaid of the Undead: A panel discussion exploring zombie-transplant connections

(Sources: Flickr, Open Clip Art, Wikimedia Commons)

We’re staging an experiment with TransplantInformers’ own zombie brain trust TODAY. In other words, we’re holding a webinar exploring the ways that zombie representations across the pop cultural and cultural landscapes evoke similar concerns as transplantation. In addition to being superstars of zombie scholarship, our panel’s areas of expertise include Caribbean witchcraft, the rituals of … Continue reading

News Roundup #14: From UNOS to Obesity, NYT to Jewish donors, and bringing you the toothsomest

AADP photo collage for blog

Random Reports and Reportage New articles from United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) update are now online.  Articles include a  guide to paired donation and a primer on “a new quality metric with every deceased donor kidney offer. The ‘kidney donor profile index (KDPI)”  provides clinicians with insights into the quality of a kidney compared … Continue reading

Unsaid of the Undead: Zombie Transplant Resource Guide is live!!!

(Sources: Flickr, Open Clip Art, Wikimedia Commons)

Get ready for our online live webinar May 23rd, 2012 11:00am (Pacific Standard Time)! Unsaid of the undead: A panel discussion exploring zombi(e)-transplant connections In anticipation of this interwebs to-do, we’ve lassoed some pretty great reads and spun a killer soundtrack for the forthcoming exploration in a handy dandy resource guide. It features scholarly works from … Continue reading

Conceptions of Reciprocity: The Navarro transplant case, organ allocation and undocumented immigrants

(Source: Access Denied)

The following piece was prepared for the blog AccessDenied: A Conversation on Unauthorized Im/migration and Health and is cross-posted here with permission. Organ donors give the gift of life, but the sheer volume of patients hoping for transplants far outstrips donor generosity. How should we make decisions to ensure the equitable distribution of a limited … Continue reading

Unsaid of the undead: A panel discussion exploring zombi(e)-transplant connections

(Sources: Flickr, Open Clip Art, Wikimedia Commons)

It started with a throwaway line in The Walking Dead. But for the TransplantInformers team, things blew up from there. Not only did Steven Yeun’s retweet (Big ups Mr. Yeun!) bring a slew of readers our way, it showed us that there is an audience rabid to explore the connections between zombies and transplantation. Zombies … Continue reading

Social Media for Starters: The Asian American Donor Program encourages you to spread the message


By Donna Megino Managing social media is not as easy as it may seem. In fact, it takes a lot of online (and offline) interaction: monitoring, engaging, strategy, and organization. Whether you are a brand company, small business, self-employed, start-up business, non-profit, etc., social media becomes the one essential tool for engaging with people online. … Continue reading

News Roundup #13: Facebook boosting organ donors, Kidney in a third body, UK’s first trafficking case,

Social media and organ donation

It seems this roundup is lucky number 13, with the a groundbreaking, cusp-of-viral, organ donation initiative from Facebook, unprecedented kidney re-transplantation, and a whole slew of other newsy goodness. Organ donor: Like? 100 million new organ donors in the next four days? Entirely possible, claims Dr. Andrew Cameron, the physician who helped usher organ donor … Continue reading


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