News Roundup #14: From UNOS to Obesity, NYT to Jewish donors, and bringing you the toothsomest

Random Reports and Reportage

New articles from United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) update are now online.  Articles include a  guide to paired donation and a primer on “a new quality metric with every deceased donor kidney offer. The ‘kidney donor profile index (KDPI)”  provides clinicians with insights into the quality of a kidney compared to others, which is important as an expanded donor pool (with older donors/kidneys) has been in the mix of organ allocation.

Obesity is a major health flashpoint, especially in America. The CDC is running a chat about how to combat it. As recent reports say increasing girth is disqualifying potential donors, a fact adding to the heap of reasons that CDC discussion is much needed.

A Modern Family star goes public with her kidney transplant.

Breakthrough study shows HIV-resistant stem cell transplants could be a game changer. They’ve seen success with mice, and plans for a human trial are in the works.

NYT doesn’t skip a Tx Beat

I’m not sure it has ALL the news that’s fit to print, but their latest stories on transplantation are certainly worthy.

The new Nigerian bone marrow registry and its founder received a feature.

This is interesting coverage on a particular medication restriction affecting dialysis patients. It underscores a huge problem: in place of this medication transfusion is the alternative. However, transfusions can affect transplant matching and decrease their chances for a suitable match.

Jewish donors from the Bay Area to Israel

The Jerusalem Post presents a novel spate of drives for Jews of under-represesnted ethnicities, noting the closeness of Jewish communities has led to genetic similarities while also stressing the need for diversification.

Bone marrow samples from Jews of a variety of ethnic origins not well represented in tissue databases – Ethiopian, Yemenite, Iraqi, Georgian, Caucasus, Bokharan and Kurdish – will be sought in a special donor day by the Ezer Mizion bone marrow tissue-typing bank.

The first-of-its-kind campaign will take place around the country on Thursday, May 31. The voluntary organization is also requesting financial donations, as it costs NIS 250 to process each bone marrow sample.

Saliva samples will be taken at shopping centers between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. on that day – with participating malls listed at

And stateside, a Jewish bone marrow donor crosses live-saving off his bucket list.

Toothsome transplantation treats

We were already enamored with Gina Czarnecki’s Palaces, where milk teeth demonstrated the usage of dental stem cells and brought up questions of bodily donation to art. Well, that wasn’t the only gem on pearly whites. Nor was it the only time corporeal art has generated guerrilla attention for donation.

A former Detroit Red Wings player scaled a drive effort tying together dental health with donation in a campaign called “Take a Bite Out of Cancer.” The idea is simple: people register and do a cheek swab when their mouths are already open in the dentist’s chair. They expect 20,000 registrants, a record breaker for a single drive.

Bare-all body art-ery aims to increase blood donation leading up to the London 2012 Olympics. 

Dental pulp stem cell research may lead the way to making some potential immunosupression and transplant therapy more tenable.

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