From The Walking Dead to Talking Heads: Re-live our zombie-transplant discussion

It’s finally here!!!!! The zombie brain trust you’ve all been waiting for.

Recently we had an online panel discussion, Unsaid of the Undead, an assemblage of top notch scholars discussing zombie-transplant connections. Many of you were dying to see it, and couldn’t for various reasons. Or you missed the boat the first time around. In fact, you missed the night boat, as our zombie transplant playlist reveals.

Either way, we decided it would be a good idea to breathe new life into the discussion. Multiple viewings offer new insights from this highly fascinating conversation about our favorite strain of the undead–zombies–and how their representations resonate with similar concerns in transplantation. After much blood, sweat, tears, and guts, the team at TransplantInformers can finally bring forth a killer video version worthy of seeing the light of day.

Here is part 1 in which we discuss zombie orientals, black militants, the repressive zeitgeist, and plain old rotting flesh.

Unsaid of the Undead part 1 from Emily Avera on Vimeo.

The exchange that took place was so engaging and lengthy we hadto hack it up into pieces. Yes, very much like The Walking Dead gang whose axe-rific exploits were the inspiration for this whole mess of zombie-transplant goodness in the first place.

So stay tuned because part 2 is coming!

Talking Heads

Our beloved zombie brain trust

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