Shades of Swag: More than meets the eye

AADP photoframe with shades

Editor’s note: Whether it’s Tom Cruise in Risky Business, LeBron and the NBA even adopting geek chic, or half the Warby Parker catalog, there’s no doubt that the RayBan style wayfarer frames are a must-have item for any bright young thing. Taking a page out of the book of eternal cool is actually a stylish … Continue reading

Consider the child: Minor donation is a major issue

Child organ diagram

By Marion Siebelink University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands. Pediatric organ donation: The basics Children on the waiting list for transplantation die because of a shortage in size-matched organs. These organs and tissues generally come from other children. Organ donation in pediatrics is a very sensitive process. A deeper understanding … Continue reading


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