Shades of Swag: More than meets the eye

Editor’s note: Whether it’s Tom Cruise in Risky Business, LeBron and the NBA even adopting geek chic, or half the Warby Parker catalog, there’s no doubt that the RayBan style wayfarer frames are a must-have item for any bright young thing. Taking a page out of the book of eternal cool is actually a stylish way to get people talking about transplant causes.  Asian American Donor Program‘s James De Lara explains.

By James De Lara

AADP is constantly searching for new and innovative ways of reaching out to the younger generation to educate them about our life-saving mission. AADP decided to add onto their list of swag and now have AADP Sunglasses available. Our sunglasses resonate with our current giveaways with consistent branding, messaging and color. We want to build from our success with our other giveaway items, such as our volunteer tees and iconic purple bracelets. If our volunteers, advocates, and general supporters wear our swag AADP will have constant publicity within the community

This is a great way to keep AADP’s visibility within our targeted community. These items also spur questions about “the design” of the item that will eventually lead into a conversation about the program. How do the swag items provide a fun way to make people feel involved and rewarded for becoming a registered donor? Is the branding and item effective in the populations that we want to reach? What are the things that create a buzz in youth communities where conveying our message is so crucial?  Even though this idea sounds very fundamental it is still very effective. At the core, by purchasing and sporting our swag you will be assisting AADP in a myriad of ways.

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