13, 12, 11, 10…Laugh for Lives is here!

LFL postcard

This year’s official Laugh for Lives postcard

Tomorrow is the 6th Annual Laugh for Lives (LFL), one of the biggest fundraisers for the Asian American Donor Program (AADP). The lineup is as exciting as ever, with returning performer Kevin Shea, but also talent never before seen on the LFL stage, including Monrok and Jimmy Ouyang. In fact, this year even deviates from the stand-up comedy  with a dynamic show from Maze Magic.

While TransplantInformers emphasizes many aspects of transplant donor outreach and education, one of the most accessible ways that this has been achieved on a larger scale is through entertainment. LFL exemplifies this and represents one of the most visible and longstanding of AADP’s fund/awareness-raising events.

For a wonderful retrospective of the event as well as a behind-the-scenes peek at how the event is planned, below you will find a refresher of TransplantInformers posts looking at some of the best outreach materials and the background of the Laugh for Lives benefit. We did this in hope that other organizations looking for ways to appeal to the public could find some new ideas in our wealth of archival material as well our staff guide from Ruby Law for putting together a successful benefit while incorporating educational aspects.

Laugh for Lives 2011

Laugh for Lives 2010

Laugh for Lives 2008-2009

After enjoying that blast from the past, launch into the future and get yourself a ticket to Laugh for Lives 2013!!!

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