Best Practices

Since TransplantInformers is gathering contributors who are often on the frontlines of donor drives and community outreach and education about blood and transplant issues, one of the things we hope to provide is a space to share best practices, and exchange ideas about how to adapt and create best practices in this line of work.

As we add more international participants, we hope to see the range of commentary on best practices widen, along with the contextual variations. This is tied into our Diversity Focus section, where we feature posts that hone in on certain community-specific challenges and triumphs, as well as how axes of difference must be accounted for in the work of donor recruitment.

Indeed there are general best practices that bridge these differences,  or they must be modified depending on the context: a country’s specific laws, a population’s heterogeneity, or even donor sample collecting methods, for example.  Our contributors’ content will showcase the sheer variety of practices that have been effective, but also it is also an opportunity to discuss what may not translate from one milieu to another and why.

Keep checking back on this space as our postings grow and you will find lots of interesting material.

Here’s our modest beginning of best practices discussions.

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