13, 12, 11, 10…Laugh for Lives is here!

LFL postcard

Tomorrow is the 6th Annual Laugh for Lives (LFL), one of the biggest fundraisers for the Asian American Donor Program (AADP). The lineup is as exciting as ever, with returning performer Kevin Shea, but also talent never before seen on the LFL stage, including Monrok and Jimmy Ouyang. In fact, this year even deviates from … Continue reading

Lost in transit: Central Station seeks a moral compass for bodies in motion

Pieta in Brazil

The film Central Station touches on the dark side of organ transplantation and emerges on the side of redemption. Though I occasionally suffer from transplantation issue fatigue, Walter Salles’ breakthrough 1998 feature reinvigorated me to more deeply consider the limits of lifesaving and the transmutability of bodies. In exploring those limits via this viewing experience … Continue reading

From The Walking Dead to Talking Heads: Re-live our zombie-transplant discussion

Talking Heads

It’s finally here!!!!! The zombie brain trust you’ve all been waiting for. Recently we had an online panel discussion, Unsaid of the Undead, an assemblage of top notch scholars discussing zombie-transplant connections. Many of you were dying to see it, and couldn’t for various reasons. Or you missed the boat the first time around. In … Continue reading

AADP FUNdraising

AADP Laugh for Lives 2012 photo booth

Editors Note: A couple of months ago, we shared  a series of retrospective posts chronicling the development of Laugh for Lives,  one of the Asian American Donor Program’s (AADP) top fundraisers  which also serves to increase awareness of the need for bone marrow donors.  Did you ever wonder how the whole thing was pulled off? … Continue reading

Cords that bind: Umbilical transplantation and transnationalism

Zanele and her mother

Sarah Ping Nie Jones’s new film Umbilical Cords explores the fraught transnational relationships between six women–three mother-daughter pairs. They criss-cross all over the globe, but their stories all intersect in South Africa. The title alludes to the cord that biologically links us to our mothers, but also more broadly asks how we intertwine inextricably, how we … Continue reading

Webcast Live Today!!! Unsaid of the Undead: A panel discussion exploring zombie-transplant connections

(Sources: Flickr, Open Clip Art, Wikimedia Commons)

We’re staging an experiment with TransplantInformers’ own zombie brain trust TODAY. In other words, we’re holding a webinar exploring the ways that zombie representations across the pop cultural and cultural landscapes evoke similar concerns as transplantation. In addition to being superstars of zombie scholarship, our panel’s areas of expertise include Caribbean witchcraft, the rituals of … Continue reading

Unsaid of the Undead: Zombie Transplant Resource Guide is live!!!

(Sources: Flickr, Open Clip Art, Wikimedia Commons)

Get ready for our online live webinar May 23rd, 2012 11:00am (Pacific Standard Time)! Unsaid of the undead: A panel discussion exploring zombi(e)-transplant connections In anticipation of this interwebs to-do, we’ve lassoed some pretty great reads and spun a killer soundtrack for the forthcoming exploration in a handy dandy resource guide. It features scholarly works from … Continue reading

Unsaid of the undead: A panel discussion exploring zombi(e)-transplant connections

(Sources: Flickr, Open Clip Art, Wikimedia Commons)

It started with a throwaway line in The Walking Dead. But for the TransplantInformers team, things blew up from there. Not only did Steven Yeun’s retweet (Big ups Mr. Yeun!) bring a slew of readers our way, it showed us that there is an audience rabid to explore the connections between zombies and transplantation. Zombies … Continue reading

Obscura Day alert: Biomedical curiosities galore!

Dr. Richard Barnett totally rocks on tour

I am a huge fan of medical museums and scientific entertainment. Some of you may have gathered this from coverage on the Heart of Cape Town Transplant Museum. One of our recent news roundups featured a talk about the unexpected history of blood transfusion. And lord knows it’s newsworthy when art and tissue donation intersect. … Continue reading

TransplantInformers jazz tip: Dayna Stephens live!

Dayna Stephens  Image Courtesy: HelpDaynaStephens.org

We wanted to alert TransplantInformers readers to an upcoming show and recent coverage of eminent Jazz saxaphonist Dayna Stephens. While we are an international blog, many of our team and readers are San Francisco Bay Area based so it’s not a far reach to share a great gig worth checking out. And his profile is … Continue reading


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