Diversity Focus

Social axes of difference like race, socioeconomic status, religion, gender, and sexuality, among many others, are important factors when considering transplantation and transfusion.

There is some really great work being done in both advocacy and research in diversity and we hope to share it with you here at TransplantInformers.

The Diversity Focus section of this site also seeks to generate commentary and productive discussion around community specific issues that impact outreach and education efforts.

Since we will have international contributors, the wide variety of contexts will provide a useful source for considering the challenges of working with certain populations in new ways.

Of course, one of the key reasons to discuss diversity is that differences in social identity still matter in terms of treatment access, inequality, privilege, and misappropriation. We would be remiss if we didn’t also include posts that grapple with these important issues. These are difficult and sometimes controversial topics, but we are not here to promote only a singular viewpoint. TransplantInformers is committed to being a space to express a plurality of opinions in a respectful manner.

AADP’s work serving multiethnic communities is an example of how individual donor recruitment drives are tailored to a specific subset but couched in a mission coalesced across ethnicity.  Diversity Focus is also about highlighting the work that unites people too.

Diversity Literacy*  can most certainly be applied to donor outreach and education and many other sectors of transplantation and transfusion. We hope TransplantInformers is part of building that skill set.

*A term courtesy of iNCUDISA and Melissa Steyn.

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