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No wait, THIS is the sexiest calendar for 2012. Seriously, it’s relevant to donor recruitment.

We thought we had a lock on the sexiest calendar for 2012. But it turns out our contributors, the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT), in the UK has teamed up with Stone Image  to create the Men of Stone calendar featuring some of the most muscle-bound paragons of masculinity ever to support donor outreach and education. … Continue reading

Designer babies made to order?  Source: Mark Sebastian, Flickr

Commodification of the Reproductive Donor: Part 1 (The Recruitment)

Donors are subject to commodification.  What I mean is that donors, due to the bureaucratic market processes surrounding donation, can be alienated from their own bodies.  Alienation can come in many forms, in this case I am using alienation to mean separated or distanced from the body.  By separating the donor into parts, the “sellable” … Continue reading

Dutch donor card and registration form  Source: NTS

Dutch deceased donor dearth: More interesting research out of the Netherlands

Here at TransplantInformers, we recently provided a translation of the Dutch press release on research which surveyed surviving family members of potential deceased donors and motivations behind next-of-kin deceased organ donation consent or refusal. The active research coming out on this topic in the Netherlands doesn’t stop there. Nichon Jansen-Frazer, from the Dutch Transplant Foundation … Continue reading


No’s on NOTA?

There have been two recent posts regarding transplantation in affiliation with the Chronicle of Higher Education from Michele Goodwin, a legal and medical scholar from the University of  Minnesota. The first is a response to the furor caused by a girl refused  transplant because she was disabled/had Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, a case we also mentioned here at … Continue reading

Behold the beauty of the tooth as art  Source: Wikimedia Commons, Håkan Svensson

News Roundup #6: Donating tooth and tissue to art, Pacific Islander mobilization, Aussie multiculti organs issues…

This roundup is full of wide-ranging goodness for you to chew on. Sink your teeth into this Donation isn’t just for transplantation, there’s a discussion in the UK about living donation of human tissue for art. It’s in conjunction with a fascinating exhibit called Palaces which features baby teeth (or in the British parlance “milk … Continue reading


Newsbrief in translation: Dutch deceased donor dearth

Last Thursday a study was released in the Netherlands on the decision making process for surviving relatives  in granting consent for deceased organ donation. There is a small story on it in English. For more, here is my translation/adaptation from the original Dutch press release from Utrecht University: Research on the organ donation decision making … Continue reading

You had a good shot at it

City Hunter sweepstakes winners

Congratulations to our City Hunter Sweepstakes winners! Holly Dinh from Oklahoma City, OK Christina Cendejas from Brea, CA They’ll each be receiving a copy of the City Hunter DVD boxset courtesy of YA Entertainment. Pick up your own at Amazon or Right Stuf. Thanks to everyone who participated. We hope you learned a little bit … Continue reading

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DramaFever doccie double shot of transplantation out of Taiwan

It’s always tough on Mondays to get back into the swing of things. So instead of making you, dear readers, slog through a lengthy commentary, how about a video? Our friends at DramaFever are known for purveying an amazing collection of Korean dramas to watch for free online. But did you know they also have … Continue reading

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News Roundup #5: Heart-dropping, turkish triple transplant, transplant tourism ban, further fecal matters

Handle with care Apparently, a heart doesn’t break if you drop it.  In Mexico, the heart that was fumbled en route was actually successfully transplanted.  It seems they took a page out of the One Tree Hill book. But thank god there wasn’t a hungry canine. Turkey: A transplantation juggernaut? WaPo reports on the world’s … Continue reading

So many books on transplantation to read, so little time...  Image by Juhan Sonin on Flickr

TransplantInformers Book Club: More thoughts on Donor by Ken McClure

I just finished blazing through Donor by Ken McClure. We introduced this book to you earlier this month, and now having completed it, I thought it would useful to provide a guide to some themes in the book that are most pertinent to donor outreach/education stakeholders. If you’ve already read the book, this may give … Continue reading


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