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Swaziland blood donation

Here’s an interesting story from recent weeks about the PA for the Deputy Prime Minister of Swaziland and her encouragement of openness to blood donation and transfusion. Swaziland is a country that some people have not even heard of before.   I’ve only ever driven through, and gotten lost in it for that matter, so … Continue reading

OPTN Living Donor Follow up: Final Day for Public Comment

Some of you may be aware that there are some major steps on the horizon to make sure that the health of living donors is monitored post-transplant more carefully. As reported recently on the Huffington Post, the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network(OPTN) has formulated some new policy proposals. This is a step in the right … Continue reading

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Perish, the thought: Death Reference Desk is a lively resource for cadaveric donation consideration

Over what seems like eons, there has been a great deal of discussion over the definition of death.  The advent of organ transplantation brought a new element to the discussion. In order to transplant vital organs and legitimize this practice, establishing a legal definition of death was necessary in many cases. And there has also … Continue reading

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City Hunter makes bone marrow donation badass: Kdrama Series Sweepstakes #1

Since when did becoming a bone marrow donor translate into Korean Drama heroism at epic levels? Since City Hunter, that’s when. Get your hands on the DVD now! It’s just been released in North America by YA Entertainment. Purchase at Amazon or Right Stuf, or read further to participate in our survey and enter the … Continue reading

City Hunter rocks the bone marrow transplant. Image courtesy of YA Entertainment

Win Kdrama prizes from YA Entertainment, Drama Fever, and TransplantInformers

We are embarking on a maiden voyage into engaging pop culture with a series of posts unpacking the portrayals of transplantation and transfusion in Korean Dramas and related media. And you can win prizes from YA Entertainment and DramaFever by reading and participating! We want to give fangirls and fanboys a cool new lens through … Continue reading

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News roundup #1: Critical need for Latino donors, successful UK Sikh temple drive, fecal transplant commentary and more

Great local NBC news coverage from South Texas about the dwindling numbers of blood and tissue donors, with a special focus on the Latino community (video and article). Sikh temple drive in Leicester, UK yields 600 marrow donors (BBC News).  Here’s a video of the BBC TV news coverage. Wired Magazine has some interesting commentary … Continue reading

HIV/AIDS articles for free from Taylor and Francis

There’s no doubt that HIV/AIDS has had a profound effect on the ways we conceive the body and our identities. The impact that it’s had on many sectors of transplantation and transfusion are undeniable. How many of us have had a to turn down a donor because they were someone who answered positive to an … Continue reading

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Uterus Transplants: A New Field of Fertility Techonologies

In Turkey, on August 9, 2011 a woman named Derya Sert, became the first recipient of a successful uterus transplant.  Though two previous attempts have been made, both organs were rejected.  Yet Derya Sert, after only two and a half months, is menstruating with her new uterus, and is looking forward to having a baby … Continue reading


Sports Night: A small instance of donor resistance

It’s not one of the best known shows, but it’s that critical darling stuck in obscurity. For fans of Aaron Sorkin, creator of the more famed West Wing and writer of A Few Good Men, including that line, “You can’t handle the truth!”, Sports Night is a different offering in the Sorkin oeuvre. It has … Continue reading

The edge of Table Mountain

Operating table under Table Mountain

Did you know that the world’s first heart transplant was performed in Cape Town, South Africa? Did you also know that there’s a museum devoted to this milestone? It’s the Heart of Cape Town Museum, located in the exact spot where the transplant was performed at Groote Schuur Hospital. Situated in the Observatory neighborhood of … Continue reading


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