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Pop culture and media posts on TransplantInformers are meant to highlight both current and past instances where transplantation and transfusion are depicted or alluded to  in novels, TV shows, films, and other media. This is often the way that most people become familiar with these medical procedures, and the meaning of being a donor. It can be a powerful tool for spreading awareness. But this is not always responsibly portrayed or can perpetuate certain misconceptions.

For those who are directly involved in outreach and education, such representations in pop culture and the media can be an opportunity to mobilize, but it can also impede efforts to do outreach. By featuring and providing commentary about pop culture representations not only can donor educators use such media examples as informational yet entertaining tools, we can also clear up potential myths and inaccuracies.

Perhaps at a donor drive or education session someone brings up a pop culture example when asking a question, expressing a fear, or citing it as reason for donation. Whatever the case, if we feature it here, then you’ll get the reference. And that can only help you connect and communicate.

These posts are also a great opportunity to discuss your favorites, show your fandom, even sometimes acknowledge that something entirely inaccurate was still great storytelling. The sensational and the fantastical often serve a function and we do have to recognize creative license. But of course, if it’s accurate, informative, AND  entertaining, well, that’s just gravy.

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  1. Toshko says:

    I do know how you feel as I made the trip to see my donor family. The fresdnihip we have has been emotionally healing for us all. I was so happy to read your story as I only know of one other recipient who knows their donor family..

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