News Roundup #12: Living donor safety, Portland piñata, transplant tobacco test, Donate Life Month

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We’ve reached a dozen news roundups! Living donors need protection This report from CNN actually fairly evenhandedly reports about a recent living organ donor death. The articles sidebar actually shows positive success rates for transplantation, and points out that death from living organ donation is an exception, not a rule. However, it also points out … Continue reading

News Roundup #7: Iowan donor diversity, Wall Street Journal and NOTA naysaying, drive bits n’ pieces

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Lucky number seven. We’ve got some interesting stories for you. Addressing minority donor paucity in Iowa Iowa is looking to increase the diversity of its bone marrow and organ donors. As the Daily Ioawan, the paper for the University of Iowa reports: Only 4 percent of minorities in Iowa are organ donors. “We need more … Continue reading

Commodification of the Reproductive Donor: Part 1 (The Recruitment)

Designer babies made to order?  Source: Mark Sebastian, Flickr

Donors are subject to commodification.  What I mean is that donors, due to the bureaucratic market processes surrounding donation, can be alienated from their own bodies.  Alienation can come in many forms, in this case I am using alienation to mean separated or distanced from the body.  By separating the donor into parts, the “sellable” … Continue reading

No’s on NOTA?


There have been two recent posts regarding transplantation in affiliation with the Chronicle of Higher Education from Michele Goodwin, a legal and medical scholar from the University of  Minnesota. The first is a response to the furor caused by a girl refused  transplant because she was disabled/had Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, a case we also mentioned here at … Continue reading

How do you thank your donors?

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In the wake of Thanksgiving, it is the perfect time to consider how to thank donors. The majority of folks think donation should be framed as an altruistic act. From this perspective, registration to be a potential donor or the act of donation should not be done with the expectation of compensation. However, this does … Continue reading


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