South Africa Spotlight: Sunflower Fund primer on shortage of black donors

The many faces of The Sunflower Fund

Editor’s Note: This is our first post from our new contributors, The Sunflower Fund. It serves as an overview of their organization, and focuses on the distinct shortage of black donors. We look forward to future posts detailing their work and the South African context. By Tarryn Corlett-Boden MISSION:  The Sunflower Fund aims to educate … Continue reading

Ay Masakit! Donor outreach and the Filipino ouch factor

Some marrow extraction happens via syringe, but you may donate using peripheral blood instead.

There are many misconceptions within the Filipino American community on the subject of bone marrow/adult stem cell donation. Within the Filipino American community there is an idea that bone marrow donation is an extremely painful procedure. This concept of pain might explain why there are only 57,000 Filipino Americans registered bone marrow/stem cell donors, according … Continue reading

“NOT MY PROBLEM”: A key perspective on Black donor resistance in the UK

ACLT Hi Res Logo resize

The following post is a subjective discourse on the reluctance of people from Black, Asian and minority communities to step forward and become life-saving blood, bone marrow and organ donors. It is written by one of our new regular contributors, the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) in the UK and speaks to their particular context … Continue reading

Dutch deceased donor dearth: More interesting research out of the Netherlands

Dutch donor card and registration form  Source: NTS

Here at TransplantInformers, we recently provided a translation of the Dutch press release on research which surveyed surviving family members of potential deceased donors and motivations behind next-of-kin deceased organ donation consent or refusal. The active research coming out on this topic in the Netherlands doesn’t stop there. Nichon Jansen-Frazer, from the Dutch Transplant Foundation … Continue reading

Newsbrief in translation: Dutch deceased donor dearth


Last Thursday a study was released in the Netherlands on the decision making process for surviving relatives  in granting consent for deceased organ donation. There is a small story on it in English. For more, here is my translation/adaptation from the original Dutch press release from Utrecht University: Research on the organ donation decision making … Continue reading

Donor retention for beginners

Hi Internet, My name is Mellisa. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you’re matched with a patient, I’m your woman.  That is to say, I’m the person who contacts you when you’re matched with a patient. It sounds straightforward, I know, but you’d be surprised. Imagine a bone marrow donor who registered in 1993.  … Continue reading

Hide and Seek: The Attempt to Find Asian Egg Donors

Photo by Esther Gibbons, Flickr

In November 2006 the Washington Post published an article on the relative lack of Asian egg donors to the demand of recipients.  The article follows Regina and Dennis Joyner, a couple who eventually gave up looking for an Asian egg donor after an 18 month grueling search.  Another couple found success using donated eggs and a … Continue reading

Swaziland blood donation

Swaziland Flag,

Here’s an interesting story from recent weeks about the PA for the Deputy Prime Minister of Swaziland and her encouragement of openness to blood donation and transfusion. Swaziland is a country that some people have not even heard of before.   I’ve only ever driven through, and gotten lost in it for that matter, so … Continue reading

Sports Night: A small instance of donor resistance


It’s not one of the best known shows, but it’s that critical darling stuck in obscurity. For fans of Aaron Sorkin, creator of the more famed West Wing and writer of A Few Good Men, including that line, “You can’t handle the truth!”, Sports Night is a different offering in the Sorkin oeuvre. It has … Continue reading


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