On the cutting edge: Pig hearts, pregnancy, and the frontiers of transplant immunology

Pig Heart surgery

We just participated in a wonderful little hour long live online chat at Science. Two experts were on hand to answer questions on the science of organ transplantation. The discussion centered a lot around xenotransplantation and immune responses to transplantation, as these were the main areas of research for the experts involved. While the answers … Continue reading

Webcast Live Today!!! Unsaid of the Undead: A panel discussion exploring zombie-transplant connections

(Sources: Flickr, Open Clip Art, Wikimedia Commons)

We’re staging an experiment with TransplantInformers’ own zombie brain trust TODAY. In other words, we’re holding a webinar exploring the ways that zombie representations across the pop cultural and cultural landscapes evoke similar concerns as transplantation. In addition to being superstars of zombie scholarship, our panel’s areas of expertise include Caribbean witchcraft, the rituals of … Continue reading

Conceptions of Reciprocity: The Navarro transplant case, organ allocation and undocumented immigrants

(Source: Access Denied)

The following piece was prepared for the blog AccessDenied: A Conversation on Unauthorized Im/migration and Health and is cross-posted here with permission. Organ donors give the gift of life, but the sheer volume of patients hoping for transplants far outstrips donor generosity. How should we make decisions to ensure the equitable distribution of a limited … Continue reading


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