Crafting a donor recruitment piece: the South African example

Sunflower Fund donation process

Editor’s Note: Tarryn Corlett-Boden, the Operations Manager (PR, Marketing and Communications) for The Sunflower Fund shares their process of sculpting of a donor education piece for their work in South Africa. She also reminds us that some of the more traditional outreach channels remain vital. by Tarryn Corlett-Boden One of the biggest challenges that The Sunflower … Continue reading

On the cutting edge: Pig hearts, pregnancy, and the frontiers of transplant immunology

Pig Heart surgery

We just participated in a wonderful little hour long live online chat at Science. Two experts were on hand to answer questions on the science of organ transplantation. The discussion centered a lot around xenotransplantation and immune responses to transplantation, as these were the main areas of research for the experts involved. While the answers … Continue reading

Social Media for Starters: The Asian American Donor Program encourages you to spread the message


By Donna Megino Managing social media is not as easy as it may seem. In fact, it takes a lot of online (and offline) interaction: monitoring, engaging, strategy, and organization. Whether you are a brand company, small business, self-employed, start-up business, non-profit, etc., social media becomes the one essential tool for engaging with people online. … Continue reading

News Roundup #13: Facebook boosting organ donors, Kidney in a third body, UK’s first trafficking case,

Social media and organ donation

It seems this roundup is lucky number 13, with the a groundbreaking, cusp-of-viral, organ donation initiative from Facebook, unprecedented kidney re-transplantation, and a whole slew of other newsy goodness. Organ donor: Like? 100 million new organ donors in the next four days? Entirely possible, claims Dr. Andrew Cameron, the physician who helped usher organ donor … Continue reading

Social media and direct/directed donor appeals, part 2

AADP photo collage for blog

Last Friday’s post introduced a brief video and article on Mashable about the growing use of social media to facilitate the search for a directed organ donation. As promised, here are some issues that the article prompted me to think about that I think deserve further discussion. Social media in context The article primarily covers … Continue reading

Social media and direct/directed donor appeals, part 1

Mashable, one of the most popular sites on social media recently featured a video and a short article about how social media is being used to find organ donors. For those of you unfamiliar with the terminology, it appears that the story is reporting on how social media is facilitating a directed donation. It doesn’t … Continue reading


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