Crafting a donor recruitment piece: the South African example

Sunflower Fund donation process

Editor’s Note: Tarryn Corlett-Boden, the Operations Manager (PR, Marketing and Communications) for The Sunflower Fund shares their process of sculpting of a donor education piece for their work in South Africa. She also reminds us that some of the more traditional outreach channels remain vital. by Tarryn Corlett-Boden One of the biggest challenges that The Sunflower … Continue reading

Cords that bind: Umbilical transplantation and transnationalism

Zanele and her mother

Sarah Ping Nie Jones’s new film Umbilical Cords explores the fraught transnational relationships between six women–three mother-daughter pairs. They criss-cross all over the globe, but their stories all intersect in South Africa. The title alludes to the cord that biologically links us to our mothers, but also more broadly asks how we intertwine inextricably, how we … Continue reading

South Africa Spotlight: Sunflower Fund primer on shortage of black donors

The many faces of The Sunflower Fund

Editor’s Note: This is our first post from our new contributors, The Sunflower Fund. It serves as an overview of their organization, and focuses on the distinct shortage of black donors. We look forward to future posts detailing their work and the South African context. By Tarryn Corlett-Boden MISSION:  The Sunflower Fund aims to educate … Continue reading

Swaziland blood donation

Swaziland Flag,

Here’s an interesting story from recent weeks about the PA for the Deputy Prime Minister of Swaziland and her encouragement of openness to blood donation and transfusion. Swaziland is a country that some people have not even heard of before.   I’ve only ever driven through, and gotten lost in it for that matter, so … Continue reading

HIV/AIDS articles for free from Taylor and Francis

There’s no doubt that HIV/AIDS has had a profound effect on the ways we conceive the body and our identities. The impact that it’s had on many sectors of transplantation and transfusion are undeniable. How many of us have had a to turn down a donor because they were someone who answered positive to an … Continue reading

Operating table under Table Mountain

The edge of Table Mountain

Did you know that the world’s first heart transplant was performed in Cape Town, South Africa? Did you also know that there’s a museum devoted to this milestone? It’s the Heart of Cape Town Museum, located in the exact spot where the transplant was performed at Groote Schuur Hospital. Situated in the Observatory neighborhood of … Continue reading


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